This page celebrates the race-fan memories we've made, and documents the great fun we've had watching other fans watching drivers. As you can see, Racing is not only a sport, it's a way of life. When does the hobby of race watching cross the line into obsession? The answer may lie in these pictures...

This is a toy Duane Walker Jr. had down in the Lakeside pits one night - so funny! Made noises and everything, didn't hear any cuss words or make any of that special driver sign language, so wasn't that realistic...

These pictures illustrate a few of the many reasons Duane Walker Sr. is our FAVORITE DRIVER! He lets us sit in his car! Makes us appreciate how tough a driver has to be - just to get in and out! It also helps in getting potential fans out to the track and down in the pits - "Hey, you can sit in the #19 Modified" - works every time!

NASCarla bought 10 Petty Ride-Along Experiences as stocking stuffer Christmas presents - we made a day of it. Another experience we plan to repeat - over and over!!

#19 Factory Stock Rodney White signs autographs after a hard night of racing - Lakeside!

Ryck Sanders raises a cold one at the Race Watch Party at Hooters - celebrating the race I suppose - or maybe how many prizes his daughters were winning - cha-ching!

Linda Fritzshall watches brother-in-law Terry Bivins practice at Linn County Speedway - the cool way!

This guy had the best seat at Lakeside, flew over the fence into the infield, George Jetson Style!

Judy Kay, Pam H. and nephew Zack check out the Wellsville Fire Truck - Ks Speedway 2006


Tim Billings won the Grand National feature at Lakeside on June 2, carrying the Newhouse colors to Victory Lane. Newhouse Dairy is owned by Willie Newhouse of Wellsville, KS, 3sisters hometown. Newhouse sells milk and milk products to many area retailers, including Country Mart and Henhouse. You gotta check out their chocolate milk! See, Willie, sponsorship works!

Conner, Chance &
Bivins #53 Fans!

Every night at Lakeside is like a race family reunion... Pictured to the left is Claudia and Terry Bivins, reuniting with race friends Clyde Ellis and Thurman Lovejoy up in the Grandstand Suites. The picture above features James Bivins' boys, Conner on the left, their friend Chance, with Taylor on the right.

Here are the pictures I took of the entrance to Grand Cayman Islands RACE TRACK......... I can't believe there was actually room for a track on such a small island. Hope it brings a smile to your face.
Peace.......Sharon Altwies

Jason Coons - Ice Artist extrodiniare! Proud Stepmomma Arlene poses with Jason, the C.A.R.B. Logo in Ice between them - this is one necessary Kodak Moment, not exactly a statue you can put up on your mantle. Jason carved this beautiful centerpiece for the 2006 C.A.R.B. Banquet.
Drivers come up into the stands out at Lakeside to sign autographs, do they know how important that is??? Yes, they do! Made this boy's night, he was so proud of his Kerry Davis signed autograph card, he just had to show it off to the Sisters!

A sad picture, but it clearly represents the strong bond found at Lakeside Speedway and our large, loyal racing family. Lynn Nelson, 2006 Factory Stock Champion, died July 4th, 2007 of a heart attack. His son wheeled around Lynn's Modified in tribute, weren't too many dry eyes in the house. C'ya Lynn!

Lakeside Seat Savers!
Thanks so much, Pauline,
Pam and Sheryl!!

In 2006 Terry Bivins came out of retirement, racing a Grand National that summer, and again in the '07 racing season at Lakeside. As you can see it was a family affair, pictured here is Bivins with his wife Claudia and sons James and Scott. 2008 found Terry wheeling a modified, #53, of course!

Above Average Race Fans Kathy Smith (#1 Gordon Fan) with her daughter Carla (#1 Champ Johnson Fan). We met them at our first Race Fest in 2006, their enthusiasm for racing almost puts ours to shame - almost!

"I'd like to thank Dr. Pepper, and all the Drivers out at Lakeside for signing my T-shirt!"